Over the weekend, the third post in our Joint Series was published by Lawfare—Better safe than sorry: Transferring detainee safely to Coalition Partners, by Tilman Rodenhäuser. The Joint Series is hosted by the ICRC Humanitarian Law & Policy BlogEJIL Talk! and Lawfare. It arose out of the 6th Transatlantic Workshop on International Law and Armed Conflict. The author, Dr Tilman Rodenhäuser, is a thematic legal adviser at the International Committee of the Red Cross’ headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.


Better safe than sorry: Transferring detainee safely to Coalition Partners In many of today’s conflict theaters, international coalitions of states support local authorities in fighting various armed groups. If the supporting states have boots on the ground, almost inevitably they will take detainees or be present when their partners do so. For operational, legal or political reasons, however, they rarely have an interest in keeping detainees under their control for long. Rather, they tend to transfer detainees to the local authorities or coalition partners. While operationally opportune and often requested by the territorial state, in some situations these transfers bear the risk of bringing detainees into the hands of authorities that might not respect fundamental humanitarian norms. Such situations raise acute legal and policy questions. For the full blog post, please see Lawfare

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