Back to basics: humanitarian principles in contemporary armed conflict

This series create a space for debate and discussion on the humanitarian principles and how to ensure that we deliver the best response to people affected by armed conflict and violent.




Avoiding civilian harm during military cyber operations

This series features contributions by several international experts on assessing, measuring, and ultimately avoiding the risk of civilian harm during military cyber operations.




War, law and environment

This blog series features contributions from a diverse range of experts to raise awareness of international law protecting the environment in war and spotlights contemporary initiatives seeking to address related legal, military and other challenges.




Urban warfare

This blog series invites experts and practitioners to a critical reflection on the challenges of contemporary urban warfare and how to reduce its humanitarian consequences.



Gender and conflict 

This blog series discusses the interplay of gender and armed conflict, aiming to nurture an understanding of gender norms in the field of humanitarian action, international humanitarian law and its intersectional nature with related fields such as identity, ethnicity, sexuality and diversity.


COVID-19 and conflict

COVID-19 and Islamic burial laws: safeguarding dignity of the dead COVID Islam image

This series features expert blog posts on issues around the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, humanitarian action in conflict zones, and international humanitarian law.


Influencing behaviour in armed conflict 

Influencing behaviour in armed conflict

What is the psychology involved in armed conflict, and how does one influence combatants’ behaviour in order to ensure respect for international humanitarian law?



Climate change, conflict and humanitarian action 

This blog series features discussions on the impact of conflict and violence on vulnerabilities and the overlap in humanitarian action and the changing climate, in an attempt to transform and adapt our work.