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UN development agenda must not obscure humanitarian action, says ICRC policy chief

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In this video interview, Hugo Slim explains ICRC’s approach to the World Humanitarian Summit, held in Istanbul on 23-24 May 2016.

The ICRC hopes the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) proves a success, says ICRC’s Head of Policy Hugo Slim. ‘Success’ for the WHS means States of all political complexions coming up with new commitments around issues such as humanitarian financing, education, disability, inclusive humanitarian action, as well as a new deal for internally displaced persons (IDPs).

ICRC’s main concern is that humanitarian action stays central and avoids being absorbed into a ‘grand developmental agenda’. “We are very keen that we don’t just concentrate on ‘ending needs’, but that we focus very hard on meeting people’s urgent needs,” nuances Slim.


As told to Raphaël Dallaire Ferland

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