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e-Learning: Rights and responsibilities of health care personnel

Law and Conflict / Online learning 2 mins read

e-Learning: Rights and responsibilities of health care personnel

This online learning module provides an in depth explanation of the principles and ethical considerations that underpin the work of health workers during armed conflict and other emergencies.

Using an engaging multimedia interface, the module presents various dilemmas that medical personnel face every day. Users can explore these issues in depth by interacting virtually with experts in the field, studying real-life issues, and receiving guidance that helps them to make decisions in difficult situations. The module allows learners freedom to explore, and for each chapter includes documents with more detailed information on topics of interest to the user.

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About the Training Centre

The ICRC Training Centre centralizes on-site training and e-learning modules on international humanitarian law (IHL) and other areas of the ICRC’s work. It reinforces the ICRC’s capacity to reach actors who have an influence on the fate of people affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence, be they arms carriers, civil servants, judges, lawyers, humanitarian practitioners, students, university professors or National Societies.

The online training modules are available to anyone as self-paced courses and are provided free of charge.

The Training Centre offers a modular approach. The foundation course on the basic rules and principles of IHL is complemented by a growing number of thematic modules on specific humanitarian issues.

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