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Greater respect for the law will ease the suffering of forced displacement – ICRC President

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On 23 May 2016 at the World Humanitarian Summit, ICRC President Peter Maurer addressed the high-level roundtable “Leaving no one behind: A commitment to address forced displacement”.

“Respect for international humanitarian law, assistance where people are and according to their needs, protection for those who flee and pragmatic solutions for those who settle elsewhere – that is how we must address forced displacement,” Maurer said.

He also commented on the trend to redirect aid away from the places of origin of those who are forcibly displaced: “cutting assistance for the places of origin of displacement, to finance refugee welcome services in countries of destination will not work. The less we help in conflict zones, the more people will come.”

Maurer concluded his speech by saying that “real success [in addressing forced displacement] will depend on the ability to solve the underlying dynamics of conflict, and – ultimately – make peace.”

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