Commitment to Humanitarianism



August 19 is the World Humanitarian Day. Today we celebrate the power of community and people helping people, both in the spotlight during crises and behind-the-scenes in day-to-day life.


The Red Cross Red Crescent is the world’s largest humanitarian network, made up of millions of volunteers and professionals providing humanitarian services in close proximity with those in need.


Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers and staff have always supported millions of people in humanitarian response, ranging from natural disasters, civil unrest to conflict, and they continue to remain committed to providing relevant and timely humanitarian service to vulnerable communities now and into the future.


as humanitarian needs evolve, so too will the Red Cross Red Crescent.


As a member of the RCRC Mvt, during a conflict, the ICRC provides services that save lives. This includes supplying food, safe drinking water, sanitation and shelter; providing health care; and helping to reduce the danger of landmines and unexploded ordnance of war. The  ICRC also reunites family members separated by conflict and visits people who are detained to monitor their conditions and treatment and keep them in contact with their families.


Challenges of humanitarianism


Amongst the challenges facing humanitarian action today is an increase in natural disasters and health emergencies, the continuous lack of respect for international humanitarian law, problems of safe access to health care in many countries and difficulties for humanitarian actors to reach people in need in certain contexts.


Reaching people in need is a serious challenge in certain conflict situations. Ensuring that fighting parties understand that we do not take sides and are only interested in helping impartially those suffering is the key for reaching people who need our help, especially in conflict situations.


Whether it is by using new technologies to improve our response or adapting to climate change in programme delivery, Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement will always seek innovative and impactful approaches in serving the vulnerable.