Raising awareness and promoting respect for International Humanitarian Law (IHL) during wartime requires its promotion and dissemination in peacetime. To this end, the ICRC jointly with the Iranian National Committee on Humanitarian Law (NCHL) carries out following activities:

• Supporting the efforts of national authorities, academic circles, non-governmental organizations and media professionals to promote IHL through organizing workshops, conferences, round tables, training sessions, and moot court competition.

• Supporting the efforts of national authorities in implementing IHL at a domestic level in order to respect and ensure respect for IHL.

In addition, the ICRC facilitates participation of wide spectrum of Iranian experts and national authorities to regional and international events aiming at promotion and implementation of IHL.

Also, the specialized library in ICRC Office in Tehran is regularly consulted to research in the field of humanitarian law, policy and action. The ICRC also publishes materials on IHL which is used for educational and research purposes.