Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne is an Associate Professor in Public International Law at the University of Reading. Prior to joining Reading in 2013, he was a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Public International Law at the University of Oxford, where he was also completing his doctorate. He was also previously a Stipendiary Lecturer and Director of Studies in Law at Merton College, Oxford and British Research Council Fellow at the John W Kluge Center, Library of Congress, Washington DC.

Lawrence’s research interests cut across a number of topics within public international law, with his recent work focusing on international dispute settlement, international humanitarian law, and international human rights law. His monograph, Detention in Non-International Armed Conflict, which was published in 2016 by Oxford University Press, was awarded the American Society of International Law’s 2016 Francis Lieber Prize for best book in the field of international law and armed conflict as well as the 11th Paul Reuter Prize (administered by the International Committee of the Red Cross). His scholarship has been cited by, amongst others, the UK Court of Appeal and UK Supreme Court. Lawrence frequently works with military and government legal advisors, international organisations, NGOs, and civil society organisations. He is also frequently instructed in cases before UK courts and international tribunals.

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