The COVID-19 pandemic has caused insecurity and fear as a result of which most of us today spend a lot of our time reading how it is affecting our lives and the world around us. We are overwhelmed with information and willing to click on anything, especially when we are unable to go out. On many occasions, even before opening and verifying a link and the information it contains, we share it with our near and dear ones.

Over the last few weeks, a large number of cases of malware and online frauds related to COVID-19 have come to light across the globe. Falling prey to even one such email could result in compromising our personal information and financial data as well as our organisations’. We need to think twice before opening every link that lands in our inbox and WhatsApp and before clicking on a seemingly coronavirus-related article/video that appears on our screens.

Protect yourself and follow these key recommendations and safety measures from information and technology experts.