The COVID-19 pandemic is a cause of serious worry to everyone — men, women, children, and especially the elderly. Among them, persons with disabilities face an even greater risk of acquiring the infection and may get disproportionately affected.


A large number of persons with disabilities use assistive devices that require routine maintenance — which may not be possible in the present situation. Many people also depend on the support of caregivers to go about their daily activities. As several crucial assistance services get affected during this unprecedented crisis, people may experience more anxiety.

In this challenging time, we must stay positive and keep ourselves updated about the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy. Everyone must follow the widely-shared safety measures regarding frequent washing of hands, maintaining a distance of at least one metre with others and covering the mouth while sneezing and coughing. Additionally, it is important for persons with disabilities to regularly clean and disinfect their assistive devices and any other surfaces they frequently touch.

In case of any of these initial symptoms — cough, fever, breathlessness — people must call the COVID-19 India helpline 1075 / 011-23978046.

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