The most exciting phase of the Enable Makeathon begins one week from now. The finalists selected from across the globe are all geared up to come together for the co-creation phase — 11 teams in Bengaluru and five in London. For two weeks starting 5 December the innovators will get down to creating new solutions in the form of devices, processes and services for persons with disabilities. Most importantly, the teams will ‘co-create’ their idea with the end users, that is persons with locomotor, visual and hearing disabilities.

The co-creation phase follows marathon interview sessions that took place in October and November in which the Enable Makeathon jury shortlisted the teams. The teams that have entered co-creation are: Glasschair, GameAble, Amparo Prosthetics, Nonspec, Torchit, Mitran, We Have, Autobots, Chabla, BleeTech, Workbench Projects, Enable India, Unicom Solutions, Tridots, For Growth and Project DEFY. Three of these — Enable India, Mitran and Unicom Solutions — made it to the final phase by popular vote online. Evaluation of the teams was carried out not only based on the strength of the idea and team, but also keeping in mind the co-creation and innovation ecosystems that each location – Bengaluru and London – offers.

The innovative solutions during co-creation are not going to be just around unique ideas but will be aimed at fulfilling a critical need for persons with disabilities, and collectively addressing the needs of millions of persons with disability across the world. Enable Makeathon aims to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable persons across the globe and brings cross cutting themes and expertise together through the Makeathon platform.

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