In this episode of Intercross the Podcast, we sit down with ICRC’s Jess Markt, an American who coaches wheelchair basketball in war zones. At age 19, he suffered a spinal cord injury in college. Twenty one years later, he is bringing his experience and story to help others as ICRC’s first-ever Disability, Sport and Inclusion Advisor. In this conversation, we discuss his personal triumph over adversity  and how he brings that experience to the disabled in some of the world’s most dangerous contexts. From Afghanistan to South Sudan and Cambodia, Jess is using sport to help the disabled see themselves in a different light, and witnessing some radical societal transformations along the way. We talk about diversity, what that term really means, and how he’s using his role at ICRC to change the way that people, and humanitarian organizations, think about what it means to fully integrate diversity into their work. Hosted by Anna Nelson and Sara Owens.