How to provide an initial life-saving treatment during an Earthquake with limited resources? Dozens of youths practiced these kinds of situations in a training of Magen David Adom (MDA), as part of a two-week course for instructors. The training included methods of the Red Cross Movement for providing response and medical treatment in such cases in an environment of limited resources.

A few months ago, as part of a joint workshop with the International Committee of the Red Cross, MDA representatives practiced those methods themselves – and now they are passing it on to others. The workshop was led by Dr. Eric Bernes, ICRC Head of first aid and pre-hospital emergency care, who came from Geneva to assist MDA teams in their work with various communities and in remote areas, as well as in humanitarian missions around the world.

In the current training, the participants practiced, inter alia, ways of providing medical treatment using improvised accessories such as wooden pallets and iron bars. The training was led by youths who had participated in the course last year, with the aim of qualifying participants to instruct additional youths in the future. This way, the array of first aid providers during natural disasters will increase.


ICRC Deputy Head of Delegation in Israel, Graciela Lopez, who attended the final drill with MDA volunteers: “It is impressive to see how MDA implements with such efficiency working methods of providing medical response in an environment with limited resources, which include working methods of the Red Cross Movement”. She emphasized the willingness of the Red Cross to continue operating together to improve the preparedness for emergency, as part of the partnership with MDA.”

“Using the new and unique training, we will train thousands of first aid providers, medics and paramedics, who will be prepared and ready to save lives in a scenario of an earthquake as well, and with no available standard rescue equipment”, said MDA Director General, Eli Bin. “This is a very important project, which trains MDA youth and their families for the first hours following an earthquake, when medical treatment will be provided only by the civilians around them.”

MDA is the national society of the Red Cross in Israel.