Representatives of Magen David Adom (MDA), together with representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), held a joint workshop last week, aiming to assist MDA teams in their work with various communities and in remote areas, as well as in humanitarian missions around the world.

The workshop focused on techniques of first aid, methods and best practices of working with various communities and in environment with limited conditions. It included practical training to approach and assist in these situations, as well as meeting with educators and medical professionals from the Bedouin community. The workshop was held as part of the partnership between MDA and the ICRC, to integrate diverse communities in the activities of MDA and strengthen the response given to remote areas. The content of the workshop will also help MDA representatives in their tasks worldwide, as part of delegations of the international movement of the Red Cross.

Dr Eric Bernes, ICRC Head of first aid and prehospital emergency care, who came from Geneva to facilitate the workshop in Arad, said: “The examples which the participants come up with from the field, together with the ICRC’s experience around the world, help to understand the complexities and the considerations in their operations in challenging environments, and facing diverse communities and/or remote areas.”