This week, Intercross the Podcast has a special two-part episode. First, we have a special Audio Diary from Yemen. It features Tobias Ehret, ICRC’s Field Team Leader, and Samar Al-Aghbari, ICRC’s Protection Field Officer as they travel from Aden to the Ad Durayhimi district, a remote area very close to the frontlines for a distribution. The trip took some ten days, and their diaries give insight into the intense work and collaboration needed in providing humanitarian aid in a time of COVID.

Next, we delve into the deteriorating situation in Yemen. With over 24 million in need of aid and only half of its health facilities functioning, Yemen is the world’s single largest humanitarian crisis. In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Franz Rauchenstein, the outgoing head of ICRC in Sana’a. He has served in South Sudan, Afghanistan, and the DRC over the course of his 25 years with the organization but recently called Yemen ‘the worst crisis he had ever seen.’ We discuss the devastating impact of COVID, why adhering to a ceasefire has been so difficult, and the future of a country in conflict. Hosted by Trevor Keck.


*Intercross, the Podcast disclaimer: Just because something or someone is featured here, doesn’t mean we endorse or agree with the institutions they represent. Views expressed on the platforms we may highlight don’t necessarily represent those of the ICRC.*