Responding to today’s most complex humanitarian challenges, particularly those in protracted conflicts, requires innovative approaches and mobilizing a range of actors. Many have pointed to the potential of innovative financial models as a way to bring together humanitarian, development, government, and private sector actors to respond and maximize sustainable impact in meeting affected persons’ needs. In September 2017, the ICRC launched an innovative finance mechanism, the world’s first Humanitarian Impact Bond, which looked to scale up the ICRC’s physical rehabilitation services in three countries.

In this episode, we chat with Juan Coderque, Head of New Financial Models for the ICRC. We breakdown what we mean by new financial models, discuss the potential of innovative finance approaches to humanitarian action, and explore how the ICRC is thinking about the issues and how best to utilize new financial models to meet humanitarian needs. Hosted by Austin Shangraw.

Intercross is happy to highlight a Music in Exile musician on the last Tuesday of every month as part of the podcast. This month, the spotlight is on Mustava, who fled from Myanmar. “There are people who do not like music, especially when women do it,” she says. “But people like us, we value music because it refreshes our soul.” Photos courtesy Music in Exile.