The sound of gunfire approaches. You don’t know if your family should run or hide. Making the right choice can mean life or death. A new immersive virtual reality movie called The Right Choice puts users next to a Syrian family trapped in urban warfare. The film, a collaboration between ICRC, Google’s Daydream Impact Project and the creative agency Don’t Panic London, uses a simulated experience to help people understand urban warfare and its impact on real lives. In this episode of Intercross the Podcast, we speak with ICRC’s Audiovisual Producer and project manager of The Right Choice Christopher Nicholas about how virtual reality is helping tell the story of urban warfare. Hosted by Niki Clark.


Intercross is happy to highlight a Music in Exile musician on the last Tuesday of every month as part of the podcast. This month, the spotlight is on Din, a musician from Myanmar who fled with his family to Bangladesh. “Right now, I sing these songs because they tell the story of our suffering,” he says. “If we sing other things, it doesn’t feel right.” Photos courtesy Music in Exile.