IWith this episode of Intercross the Podcast, we announce the start of a new monthly series with Humanitarian Law & Policy. Humanitarian Law & Policy is the ICRC blog based in Geneva that provides timely analysis and debate on international humanitarian law (IHL) issues and the policies that shape humanitarian action. With this series we hope to have monthly conversations on trends, issues, future challenges and solutions as they pertain to IHL or humanitarian action. We also will be taking advantage of our coworkers’ deep network of authors including academics, practitioners, legal minds and more to further delve into some of the conversations that have been started on their blog and in the International Review. In this first discussion, we speak with Jonathan Horowitz, a senior legal officer for the Open Society Justice Initiative. We talk about the relationship between international humanitarian law and human rights law and some of the debates and tensions around the two bodies of law during armed conflict. We focus on one debate in particular – detention in non-international armed conflicts. Look in the coming weeks for other perspectives on this issue. Hosted by Niki Clark and Sasha Radin.