In this episode of Intercross the Podcast, OUR 50TH, we sit down Vincent Bernard, the editor in chief of the International Review of the Red Cross, a leading academic journal on humanitarian law, policy and action published by the ICRC and Cambridge University Press. The International Review was first established nearly 150 years ago. We discuss how issues and concerns surrounding warfare and international humanitarian law have evolved in that time (Spoiler: people have always feared technology; except in 1869 it was the impact of the telegraph!) and how the Geneva Conventions continue to remain relevant. We talk about the current issue of the Review, which delves into the human cost of detention, and the process of researching and commissioning for the Review. We also chat about memory, both individual and collective, and the unlikely—though not insignificant—role it has in warfare and those who are impacted by it. Hosted by Niki Clark and Sara Owens.