The 28th edition of the Jean-Pictet Competition for International Humanitarian Law, organized with the Internatioanl Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), was launched yesterday in Évian-les-Bains, France.

It is the famous annual gathering of students of international humanitarian law, 48 teams from all over the world (three students in each). Among the teams are the winning team of the Israeli national competition from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the finalist team from Tel Aviv University.

Photo: Eddie Gerald

The winning team from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem: Shani Dann, Gal Cohen and Asher Rottenberg. Photo: Eddie Gerald

From 19 to 26 March, they will be participating in simulations and role plays, on the basis of which the jury will evaluate their theoretical and practical knowledge of international humanitarian law.

The competition is named after Jean Pictet, who was the architect of the four Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 and an ICRC jurist.


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