Amid the spreading of the COVID-19 virus, the ICRC humanitarian work and support to the people affected by the conflict in Ukraine continues. It has been adapted to the overall measures taken to contain the virus.

These are difficult times for all affected peoples and countries around the globe, even more for those who are already suffering from the situations of conflicts and violence. They are hit the hardest.

In Ukraine, the conflict in the Donbas is ongoing amid the corona virus pandemic. Since the beginning of the COVID-19, 52 civilians have been wounded or killed in the cross fire.

Whilst the focus is on taking all the measures necessary to help contain the COVID-19, the ICRC also engages with all the concerned to remind of the obligation of all weapon bearers to take precautionary measures under international humanitarian law to spare civilians and key infrastructure objects while engaging in armed hostilities.

The ICRC is continuously supporting water facilities, which supply water to millions of people living on both sides of the contact line in the Donbas. Uninterrupted supply of the fresh water is key for implementation of the basic COVID-19 prevention measures, such as a frequent hand-washing. This is particularly concerning for the elderly who remain one of the categories of people the most affected by the conflict and living in the area of the contact line in the Donbas.

Amid the COVID-19 spread and the measures to contain it, the ICRC advocates and works to ensure peoples’ safety, provide basic livelihood, such as food and hygiene, fresh water and shelter.

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