Do humanitarian issues interest you? Are you someone who would like to get an international exposure? Would you like to work to assist some of the most vulnerable populations around the world? If the answer to the above is yes, then read on…

At the ICRC, we are looking for people who are committed, compassionate and pragmatic – committed enough to do what it takes to help the victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence; compassionate enough to listen to each person’s story as if it were for the first time; pragmatic enough to take a step back and still take hard decisions quickly under pressure.

Dr Srihari Cattamanchi from Andhra Pradesh, India shares his experiences of working for the ICRC from the emergency medicine department of Al Shifa hospital in war-torn Gaza. Notice how he is making a difference to the lives of people as a medical professional.


Like Dr Srihari Cattamanchi, many Indians are today working in ICRC’s global operations, helping populations in some of the world’s worst crisis hit areas.

ICRC works closely with communities to understand and meet their needs, using our experience and expertise to respond quickly, effectively and without taking sides. People know they can count on us to carry out a range of life-saving activities in conflict zones, including: supplying food, safe drinking water, sanitation and shelter; providing healthcare; and helping to reduce the danger of landmines and unexploded ordnance.

We also help reunite family members separated by conflicts and visit people who are detained to ensure they are treated properly. We provide our staff with the opportunity to work in diverse teams around the world and apply their skills in the field to make a genuine difference.

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