Migration is a complex and global phenomenon that may be caused by a number of reasons. Millions of people continue to flee armed conflict and violence, seeking opportunities that offer safer prospects. There are also those who wish to move away from poverty to a better life. Regardless of the reasons, the ICRC’s focus remains on helping the most vulnerable migrants.



As the international community gears up for the Migrant Summit — at the UN General Assembly on September 19 — this publication informs readers about the role played by the ICRC, alongside National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, to address the humanitarian needs of the migrants and their families.

Due to the ICRC’s global presence in countries of origin, transit and destination, it is in a position to help bridge existing protection and assistance gaps arising throughout the journey. The ICRC also seeks to ensure that States fulfil their obligations to protect the lives, preserve the dignity and alleviate the suffering of vulnerable migrants.

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