Winners will receive ICRC goodies. ©ICRC, Ashish Bhatia

The three winners of the ICRC New Delhi Blog quiz will soon receive a range of ICRC goodies. ©ICRC, Ashish Bhatia

The ICRC New Delhi blog congratulates Mini Srivastava, Gauri Talwar and Fabien Jaffré – the three lucky winners of the recently-concluded 1st Anniversary Quiz. The quiz received a great response with readers sending in their answers from cities in India as well as outside the country. The ICRC New Delhi blog acknowledges the efforts of all those who made this a success by participating and spreading the word around.

A draw was held on 15 April to pick the three lucky winners from amongst all those who submitted correct answers to the ten quiz questions. The Deputy Head of Delegation of the ICRC in New Delhi, Benjamin Wahren, drew the names of three winners in the presence of the New Delhi Blog team at the Communication Department of the ICRC New Delhi delegation. The winners – whose names were also streamed live through Twitter via Periscope – will soon be receiving the promised ICRC goodies.

The strength of the ICRC New Delhi blog lies in its readers and contributors. The number of people who are interested in humanitarian issues is increasing and the curiosity to know more about the fast-changing humanitarian situation across the globe is going up. The New Delhi Blog continues to provide reliable and updated information on ICRC’s activities.

Below are pictures of the draw:

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