It has been exactly one year since the ICRC New Delhi blog started bringing you stories from the region and from across the globe on various situations of humanitarian concern and of our organisation’s committed support to them. This blog space thrives today owing to the contribution of readers, writers, researchers and our humanitarian partners. The response received has been especially heartwarming, given today’s increasingly complex context where the challenges to humanitarian work continue to grow.

Students and young scholars have participated as much as public intellectuals, lawyers, doctors and development professionals in making this blog a thriving community. To say the least, this virtual journey has been not only stimulating in terms of quality exchange and dialogue which offer fresh perspectives, but also equally promising as it has helped generate extensive and wide-ranging analyses. It is our constant endeavor to offer insights into ICRC’s work – in the sphere of emergency response, detention management, international humanitarian law, restoration of family links, orthopaedic services and water and habitat – and we thank you for providing tremendous encouragement at every step.

Our anniversary makes for an occasion to reward our readers and contributors. Take part in this quiz and the correct answers might win you some ICRC goodies along the way!! A draw from the top scoring entries will decide the lucky three.

Submit your answers by 31st March to or post the same in the comments space at the bottom of the page.

(Format: Question number with corresponding answer, e.g. ‘1.a’, ‘2.a’ and so on)



  1. Who is the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross?

a. Kofi Annan                  b. Henry Dunant

c. Florence Nightingale   d. Alfred Bernard Nobel


  1. When is the World Red Cross Day?

a. 13 April                      b. 2 October

c. 12 August                  d. 8 May


  1. How old is the International Committee of the Red Cross?

a. 50 years      b. 75 years      c. 150 years      d. 100 years


  1. Where is the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross?

a. Munich                 b. Zurich

c. Geneva                d. Washington


  1. What is the expansion of IHL in the context of the work carried out by the ICRC?

a. Indian Humanitarian Law                          b. International Humanitarian Law

c. International Humanistics Law                  d. International Humanism Law


  1. When was the ICRC delegation set up in New Delhi?

a. 1965     b. 1970      c. 1980      d. 1982


  1. What was the topic of discussion at ICRC New Delhi’s 4th Humanitarian Tiffin Talk?

a. India’s Humanitarian Donorship in the 21st Century

b. Saving the Saviours

c. Humanitarian Action in 2025

d. Cyber Warfare and IHL


  1. For which initiative was ICRC New Delhi delegation awarded certificates recently?

a. Paper recycling and tree plantation                     b. Relief work in J&K floods

b. Jail visits to assess conditions of detainees        d. Photo exhibition on 150 years of humanitarian work


  1. What does our publication titled ‘Hotline’ highlight?

a. Dangers to journalists reporting on conflict

b. Violence against health care structures and health care personnel

c. Women’s courageous resistance in crisis situation

d. Challenges faced by the disabled


10. What is the color of the Red Cross?

a. Blood Red                         b.       Crimson Red

c. Red                                   d.       Brick Red



ICRC staff and their families are not eligible to participate.


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