COVID has turned our world upside down and amplified challenges on a global scale. Issues like the spread of disinformation and the role of behavioral change to create real impact in humanitarian situations were significant before the pandemic but in today’s reality, they have become nothing short of critical. In this episode of the podcast, we have several guests to discuss the role and influence of information and community engagement in instilling tangible behavioral change in humanitarian settings, particularly in a time of COVID. Joining us are Pradmudith Rupasinghe, (Head of Operations- Sri Lanka Red Cross Society), Indu Nepal (Community Engagement Advisor, ICRC), and Syed Masood (Freelance Behavioral Design Strategist). We discuss the challenges of change in times of pandemics and disinformation, how earlier experiences with other pandemics such as Ebola helped feed into current COVID responses, and how we can be better prepared in the future. Hosted by Niki Clark.


*Intercross, the Podcast disclaimer: Just because something or someone is featured here, doesn’t mean we endorse or agree with the institutions they represent. Views expressed on the platforms we may highlight don’t necessarily represent those of the ICRC.*