In this episode of Intercross the Podcast, our first of 2018, we are excited to add another iteration to our cultural series, where we explore the intersection of culture and conflict. In this episode, the first of a three part series, we sit down with Wes Rist, Deputy Executive Director of the American Society of International Lawand Joe Gibson, Program Officer for International Humanitarian Law at the American Red Cross. Since 2012, ICRC has worked closely with the game developer Bohemia Interactive, who produces the award-winning Arma series of video games, to explore new ways to spread messages about international humanitarian law. In this first conversation, we talk about how a public relations hiccup resulted in a dynamic partnership and opportunity to talk about the rules of war to completely new audiences. We also discuss how including more realistic portrayals of armed conflict in video games can contribute to the user experience without taking away any of the fun. In the second episode, we are joined again by Wes and Joe to discuss how video games shape public perceptions and in the third episode, the head of the ICRC’s Virtual Reality unit based in Bangkok will discuss how ICRC is harnessing the power of video games to reach audiences in new and creative ways. Hosted by Niki Clark.