In this episode of Intercross the Podcast, Sara Owens is joined by two delegates who have paved the way for the ICRC to adopt sport and inclusion as a priority for the physically disabled communities in conflict-affected countries. Alberto Cairo, one of the ICRC’s most revered delegates, has been in Kabul, Afghanistan with the ICRC’s orthopedic and physical rehabilitation program for 27 years. He was recently joined in Kabul by Jess Markt, an avid wheelchair basketball player and coach, where together, they built the ICRC’s first and largest wheelchair basketball program.

The work that Jess and Alberto have done has proven that sport is not only a crucial element in the physical rehabilitation of those who have been victim to landmines, disease, and other tragedies, but is also a pivotal aspect in their mental and emotional healing. This has additionally nurtured a culture of teamwork, leadership, inclusion, and self-confidence.

Jess and Alberto have not only established an incredibly successful program, but have also cultivated a dynamic friendship. In this episode, learn more about the background and personality behind these inspiring individuals. Hosted by Sara Owens.