“We see that donors of humanitarian assistance from wherever they come, are increasingly tired to finance operations in long lasting conflicts, where they don’t see true efforts for a political solution”, said ICRC President Mr. Peter Maurer. He also said, that he leaves a little more optimistic when seeing a civil society who is expressing a wish for peace. Watch the interview with him to Kaan News:


Maurer also replied to a question about the missing, saying that “If parties to the conflicts want to go outside this framework of International Humanitarian Law and to negotiate – and that’s what they are doing- we complain about this fact, we regret that this is the dynamics.”

On the crisis in Gaza, Maurer he said: “We have seen an electricity crisis, which has led to a health crisis, which has led to a water and waste management crisis, medicine is not available as it should – We are looking at the impact of policies on people, and the present impact of policies on people is highly unfavorable for the population in Gaza.”