World Water Day 2016


Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are still struggling to cope with the consequences of the 2014 Gaza War, given the extent of damages the fighting caused to houses, water and electricity networks, and health infrastructures, notwithstanding the pre-existing infrastructural issues which pre-date the conflict.

In 2015, among its assistance activities, the ICRC helped Gaza Strip residents to improve their living conditions, by improving their access to adequate water supplies and ensuring a more sanitary environment. This was implemented by rehabilitating and repairing health infrastructure, power, water supply and sewage networks, and reinforcing the reliability of hospital power back-up.

The ICRC helped restore Gazan’s access to adequate water supplies and improved waste water collection and treatment all over the Strip, especially in the border areas. In the Health sector, the ICRC repaired several hospitals’ infrastructure and enabled some 13 hospitals to operate and maintain water and power systems, by donating spare parts and tools for generators, and supporting Ministry of Health to devise and run an effective maintenance programme. In this infographic, you will find a summary of the activities of the Water and Habitat Department in 2015.

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Wathab Gaza

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