ICRC News Release: Warm havens at Stanitsa Luhanskaya crossing points

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ICRC News Release: Warm havens at Stanitsa Luhanskaya crossing points

Kyiv (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has opened today in the area of Luhansk in Eastern Ukraine, warm shelters for people going through the Stanitsa Luhanskaya crossing-point on both sides of the contact-line. The warm shelters are equipped with warm heaters, blankets, water, tables and first aid kits and would offer people a temporarily break in the harsh winter condition. Stanitsa Luhanskaya crossing point is reportedly used by some 5000 people every day.

“Harsh weather conditions and long waiting hours have exhausted the population, said Michel Saad, Head of the ICRC office in Luhansk. Small children and the elderly in particular can now rest in this warm place which can host up to 30 people. Furthermore, people with disabilities can access the facility through the wheelchair ramp installed on the entrance to the heating-point. We remain committed to provide some comfort, safety and preserve the dignity of people using this crossing on a regular basis”, said Saad.

Four Red Cross volunteers are present at the facility every day to provide water, hot beverages, and first aid. Moreover, one Red Cross nurse is there to supply health care if needed. The heating point will operate during the working hours of the crossing-points.

Christophe Gravend, Head of the ICRC Office in Severodonetsk explained that freezing temperatures and ice as well as the lack of proper disposal of human waste had created poor conditions at the location. “Thus, in addition to the warm shelters, the ICRC provided a roof-cover structure to give some protection to the people queuing on both sides of the crossing-point as well as bio toilets to improve the sanitary conditions”, said Gravend.

The conflict in Eastern Ukraine has been ongoing for two years now. The ICRC opened its offices in 2014 to support the affected people and communities.

For all additional information please call Sanela Bajrambasic, Spokesperson of the ICRC in Ukraine at the number 067 509 4206

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