My internship experience at the Regional Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been incredibly valuable. As I took my first step, I was happy and nervous all at the same time. I am a student of the Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU), where I’m pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in International Legal and Security Studies. At the prospect of a fruitful learning experience, I was excited to join the ICRC for its internship program.

At the start of the internship, I attended several briefings from different departments of the Regional Delegation. It was fascinating to learn about their work and inspiration, including International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the Geneva Conventions, forensic science and the dignified management of the dead, the restoration of family links, procuring humanitarian relief materials from manufacturers in India and sending it to beneficiaries around the globe, and many more. Before starting the internship, I was worried I might get little or mundane work, but this was not the case. The tasks were engaging, and I gained a better understanding of the ICRC’s work in India and around the world. As part of the team, I conducted research and analysis and wrote two essays. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to participate in a first-aid training seminar that introduced me to the basics of first-aid through a scenario-based approach.

On 14th August 2022, I officially ended my engagement with the ICRC. It was a difficult goodbye, but ultimately it had to end. For me, it was a unique experience and valuable learning experience. Not only did the internship aid my professional growth, but it also helped me grow personally.

Lastly, I would like to thank my professor, Ms Kirti Minhas, for putting faith in me and giving me this opportunity. I also learned a lot from the team at the ICRC, and I am grateful for their guidance and support. I am thankful for the insight, knowledge, and connections I gained from this internship and for the opportunity to work together with talented, inspiring, and passionate individuals from around the world. It has strengthened my knowledge in my field of study and expanded my horizons. Given the opportunity, I would love to come back and work with ICRC again. 

Contributed by Sparsh Jain, who completed her four-week internship with the ICRC in August 2022.