Over the past year, ICRC in India has undergone many changes. After months of preparation and the collective effort of colleagues, we shifted to our new office in September 2021.

We have moved a bit far away, and our physical address has been changed. You can now find us at   A-49 Vasant Marg.

We are incredibly excited about our new office – it is bright, spacious, comfortable and welcoming. We enjoy larger workspaces, more meeting and conference rooms, spacious reception and, equally important, a prime location.

“We have finally succeeded in moving the delegation to a better and less polluted location, in a building fit to purpose, and thus significantly improving our workplace and environment, said Yahia Alibi, former Head of the Regional Delegation ICRC.

While fine-tuning is still underway, but most of us have settled in well in our new environment.

We’re going to finish the space fittings and decorations in the next couple of weeks – there are still some things left to do to transform this great place into a perfect one.

The modern and larger office space gives us plenty of room for our existing staff and room to grow even further. Since shifting to the new office, we have already added a few more people to our team, apart from the increasing number of esteemed visitors.