In conversation with Environmentalist Bahar Dutt

What is more important? How much we grow or how we grow? Environment journalist, conservation biologist and now author Bahar Dutt tells us we need not choose. We must grow but with a keen eye on ‘how’ we grow.

The ICRC caught up with the author, who recently launched her book ‘Green Wars’ on World Environment Day. The book documents the tension between development and saving the planet and chronicles some of the most challenging environmental issues from the Arctic to Assam.

We discuss the role of the international community in preserving the environment and what International Humanitarian Law says about it. Can militaries ignore environmental concerns while fighting? She also sheds light on the challenges faced by environmentalists who are trying to mainstream an issue that often gets lost in the glitz of popular media.

The author can be reached at @bahardutt 

ICRC New Delhi