The ICRC Regional Delegation for India, Bhutan and the Maldives, along with the Asian African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) Secretariat, is pleased to coordinate an International Humanitarian Law (IHL) workshop on 7-8 May at the AALCO headquarters in New Delhi. The objective of the event is to convene within a multilateral setting and share experiences from the region and beyond on contemporary challenges and IHL. Over 100 participants — including diplomats and Foreign Service officers from AALCO’s member states and other countries, well-known academics and researchers — are expected to attend the event.

The theme of the two-day workshop is ‘Contemporary Issues Facing International Humanitarian Law’. The main issues in focus — which will also be the topics of discussion — are the use of drones and how the changing frontline aligns with the traditional paradigm of IHL; identify the civilian-combatant and the notion of direct participation in hostilities; and the implementation, enforcement and compliance mechanisms of IHL.

The workshop will feature lectures and presentations from legal experts and academics from several countries, including India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, besides international organizations like the ICRC, AALCO and the UNHCR. Professor Rahmat Mohammed, AALCO Secretary General, will deliver the welcome address and Ms. Mary Werntz, Head of the ICRC Regional Delegation, will make the opening remarks at the event.

Some of the eminent people scheduled to speak at the workshop are: Mr Palitha Fernando, Attorney General of Sri Lanka; Dr U.C. Jha, Retired Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force; Mr Dominik Bartsch, Chief of Mission, UNHCR India; Professor Sikander Shah from the Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan; and Professor M. Gandhi, former Joint Secretary at the MEA and Executive Director at Jindal Global Law School.

The ICRC and AALCO have been collaborating on the dissemination and promotion of IHL since 2003. AALCO, with 47 member countries, is an inter-governmental organization whose main purpose is to coordinate the viewpoints of the Asian and African States on important issues in international law that are of common concern to both the continents.

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