Today, we bring you the ICRC New Delhi Blog. With this forum, we seek to engage you in a conversation, where we will give you regular insights into the humanitarian work we are doing in various parts of the world, and invite your questions, criticism, suggestions and appreciation.

Though the Blog will initially be focused on India, it will also feature stories on humanitarian issues from other countries across South Asia and the globe. The New Delhi Blog is not only intended to be a forum for the ICRC to speak about its activities. We want to create a space where those involved in humanitarian action and thinking can share and exchange their views and experiences. Apart from contributions by the ICRC, the Blog will feature posts from Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement partners, from other humanitarian actors, and from experts in diverse fields on a range of relevant themes and issues.

People from various sections of society want to know more about what exactly we do. What is our work in New Delhi or in Jammu and Kashmir? What are the present activities of the ICRC in Syria or in South Sudan? How do we deal with security issues in Afghanistan? Are we not scared to work in difficult situations? How do we maintain neutrality in places where there is no rule of law?

The New Delhi Blog will seek to answer all these questions and more. Besides providing information on ICRC in India and the world, it will have round-ups of our activities on and off the field. The Blog will also bring to you opinion and analytical pieces from a range of external contributors, offering a fresh perspective into humanitarian issues of common concern to all.

We are hopeful that this Blog will be a valuable resource base for game-changers in the humanitarian sector; for the civil society, mediapersons, academics, researchers, students and others seeking insights into the workings and challenges of humanitarian organisations; for lawyers looking for a better understanding of debates surrounding international humanitarian law and contemporary issues; and for all other individuals and parties interested in this domain.

The ICRC New Delhi Blog is a ‘work in progress’. And that is how we intend it to be — fluid and open to change, so it can be constantly moulded by your opinion and your needs.

So, we invite you to be a part of this virtual conversation, to contribute to debates, to question us when we stumble, to help us identify important issues, to share with us your experiences and expectations, and to pat us on the back for a job well done. For, without your participation, the Blog will be incomplete.

ICRC New Delhi