150 years of humanitarian action: Where ICRC meets India

On a visit to New Delhi, the ICRC director-general discusses the strategic partnership between his organization and the Indian Red Cross Society and outlines the humanitarian services the ICRC has provided on the Indian sub-continent since 1917. Speaking at various fora, he highlights humanitarian challenges arising from conflicts around the world and emphasizes the need to improve access to health care in conflict areas.

India: The ICRC’s humanitarian action during the 1965 war

Published on Dec 2, 2013

During the India-Pakistan conflict in 1965, the ICRC was recognized as a neutral intermediary, which allowed its delegates to visit prisoners of war and civilian detainees, assist in repatriation and provide necessary relief to the affected population, in coordination with the Indian Red Cross Society. Former ICRC director general (1984-1988) Dr Jacques Moreillon, who was on his first ICRC mission to India at the time, takes us back 48 years, when he travelled across the country to carry out the ICRC’s humanitarian work.

India: ICRC recognises reporting on humanitarian issues


Displaced persons, fatal delays at checkpoints, torched schools – many journalists highlight these and other less visible consequences of violence. In New Delhi, the ICRC and the Press Institute of India have presented awards to four such journalists for their reporting on humanitarian issues from Sri Lanka, Iraq and India.

Nandita Das and Mahesh Bhatt support the “Our world. Your move.” campaign

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) good will ambassadors, Nandita Das, an award-winning Indian actress and independent filmmaker, and Mahesh Bhatt, an Indian film director, producer and screenwriter, talk about the “Our world. Your move.” campaign

Uploaded on May 18, 2009

Mahesh Bhatt, Indian film director, producer and screenwriter, talks about the “Our world. Your move.” campaign.

Nandita Das, award-winning Indian film actress and independent filmmaker, talks about the “Our world. Your move.” campaign.