The logistics division of the ICRC is dedicated to providing aid and supply chain support to those in need in challenging frontline areas.

With a strong commitment to professionalism, the division ensures the delivery of timely, cost-efficient, and customized supply chain solutions, while upholding high standards of quality, compliance, accountability, and ethics.

Our primary objective is to guarantee comprehensive supply chain support for ICRC operations worldwide. We achieve this by establishing and developing a highly efficient organizational structure staffed by skilled and knowledgeable professionals. In our work, we are driven by two key priorities:

  • Supporting ICRC activities related to supply chain management.
  • Providing and maintaining secure and efficient transportation for passengers and cargo.

To serve those assisting victims effectively, our logistics approach involves centralizing strategy and information, decentralizing delivery and resources, and establishing complementary structures, expertise, and stockpiles in Geneva and the Logistics Support Centers in Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Jordan.

Within our logistics division, various disciplines collaborate to define the segments of supply chain management. These disciplines include Air Operations, Procurement, Vehicle Fleet Management, Order Management and Demand Planning, Transport, Freight and Clearance Solutions, and Warehouse operations. By leveraging these resources, we strive to fulfill our objectives with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.