In this episode of Intercross the Podcastwe discuss the protection of civilians in partnered operations. National security and defense strategies, as well as trends in US military operations around the globe, reflect a preference for working by, with and through partners to achieve common security objectives. These partnerships in the context of armed conflict can aggravate or reduce the risk of harm to civilians depending on the form and significance of the partnership.  CSIS, InterAction and CIVIC recently launched a report—The Protection of Civilians in U.S. Partnered Operations—that further delves into some of the issues around these operations, including lessons learned by practitioners in the field, policy recommendations and protection concerns. To speak more broadly on the topic we have with us Jenny McAvoy, the Director of Protection at InterAction and Dan Mahanaty, Director of the Center for Civilians in Conflict U.S. Program. Hosted by Sarah Holewinski.