Tel Aviv – Gaza. Today the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) managed an emergency humanitarian crossing through Kerem Shalom, despite its shutdown. Today’s relief shipment supplements the ICRC’s previous support to the medical infrastructure in Gaza.

‘It was a great relief for us to receive these two truckloads of supplies urgently needed by the medical facilities here, said Guislain Defurne, ICRC Head of Sub Delegation in Gaza. ‘Lives and limbs are at stake. Even prior to the recent events, hospitals and medical facilities in Gaza were suffering from shortages” he added. “The influx of casualties has strained the system further.”

Today’s crossing was organized in close coordination with authorities in Israel, and in cooperation with authorities in Gaza and Ramallah. The ICRC calls on all parties to protect humanitarian space at all times.

As part of its work, the ICRC acts as a neutral intermediary, and maintains a confidential dialogue with all relevant authorities and security forces to try to minimise the impact of violence on civilians.