After a couple of months break, Intercross the Podcast is back. And we are returning with quite a compelling conversation. Our guest, Esperanza Martinez, ICRC’s head of health, first spoke with us back in November 2017. She joined the ICRC in 2001, then worked for other organizations (UN and donor agencies as well as the private sector) before undertaking her current role in the ICRC’s headquarters in Geneva in 2015. She is a medical doctor and general surgeon trained in Colombia, specialized in integrative medicine and international public health and with hands-on humanitarian experience in countries such as Colombia, Kosovo, Angola, East Timor, Nepal. In her current role, she oversees health operations across 80 countries. We talk about the consequences of conflict on health, the challenges of increasing humanitarian needs coupled with a shrinking workforce and dealing with coronavirus in an age of high human mobility. Hosted by Niki Clark.