Interview with ICRC’s spokeswoman Sarah Davies on channel 12, 15.2.2024


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reiterates that hostage-taking is prohibited under international humanitarian law. “The hostages must be unconditionally and immediately released”, said ICRC’s spokeswoman Sarah Davies, in her interview with Arad Nir last Thursday.

Davies also emphasises “We are continuing to work. More than four months into this horrific situation, we have not given up, we want to assure the public that we are still working, that we are still pushing, that we are still exploring and using all avenues, to further the end goal, which is to reunite the hostages with their heart-broken families”.

As a response to the question if the ICRC is ready to pick up from where the last agreement ended, and facilitate again the transfer of the hostages back home, she replies: “We are absolutely ready to step in, if an agreement is reached, in order to facilitate the release and transfer; failing that – to facilitate visits to those currently held hostage, to ensure that they receive medical treatment, their medications and to reestablish contact with their family members.”

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Sarah Davies, interview to channel 12 about the hostages in Gaza.

Sarah Davies, interview to channel 12 about the hostages in Gaza.