As of February 2014, the ICRC has suspended the distribution of tents in the relief kits it provides in the Jordan valley to families affected by the demolition of their homes.

This difficult decision was taken after having reviewed the proscription on the delivery of tents and the pattern of confiscations and obstructions of these items by the Israeli authorities since the beginning of last year.

These practices impede the ICRC’s ability to respond to the need for shelter for families affected by home demolition in the Jordan valley.

Under international humanitarian law, and in particular the provisions applying to occupied territory, the families living in this area are entitled to live on their land in dignity and without unlawful interference with their property.

In the Jordan valley, the ICRC remains committed to helping people affected by home destruction and will continue to distribute assistance items such as kitchen sets, hygiene kits, blankets and mattresses.

The ICRC is pursuing its dialogue with the Israeli authorities on all of the outstanding humanitarian issues of concern related to the occupied Palestinian territory, including the possibility of resuming shelter assistance in the Jordan Valley.