International humanitarian law (IHL) aims to protect people from the devastating effects of armed conflict. Pana’ta: Sara Parmanusiyaan Liyubangsa Ha Islam (“Introduction to International Humanitarian Law in Islam”), a 76-page book that was originally written in Arabic and introduces readers to the convergences between IHL and Islamic Shariah, has now been made available in Tausug.

Mindanao State University-Sulu (MSU-Sulu) partnered together with the ICRC to produce the book’s translation into Tausug, a major language spoken in the Sulu archipelago and Zamboanga, among other places. Pana’ta offers guidance on important topics, such as ways to attend to victims of armed conflict according to Islamic Shariah, the lessons learned from historical battles, and the proper treatment of prisoners of war. It was translated from the original Arabic text, Muqadima fi ‘l-qanun ad-duwali al-insani fi ‘l-Islam, which was written by Dr. Zaid bin Abdul Karim Al-Zaid of Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in Saudi Arabia.

Please find the book here.