We are delighted to announce the next Kiswahili language publication: “Ulinzi kwa Wahanga wa Migogoro ya Kutumia Silaha Katika Sheria ya Kimataifa ya Kibinadamu na Sheria ya Kiislamu” (“Protection of the Victims of Armed Conflict under IHL and Islamic Shari’a”), a reference work that was originally authored in Arabic (“himaya dahaya an-niza’at al-musallaha fi ‘l-qanun ad-duwali al-insani wa-‘l-shari’a al-islamiya”) by Professor Abd al-Ghani Abd al-Hamid Mahmoud, with an introduction by Mohammad Sayid Tantawi, Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Cairo.

This important reference work, now available to the many millions of Kiswahili speakers around the world, is divided into four chapters focusing on ways to protect civilians, the wounded, the dead, non-combatants and their property during armed conflict, as well as on how to treat and handle prisoners of war in accordance with Islamic law. It also addresses the protection of those who offer services on the battlefield but are not directly involved in fighting, such as medical personnel and reporters.

Please find the book here.