A delegation from the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) visited the ICRC Nairobi Regional Delegation on 13 December 2022 as a follow up to the first interaction with the ICRC, IFRC and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) at a prior Iftar dinner. As religious leaders play a vital role in carrying out and facilitating humanitarian action, the visit provided a perfect opportunity to brief the IRCK team on the ICRC’s role, mandate and scope of work as well as priorities in Kenya.

The IRCK delegation of nine executive members was led by its Chairman Rev. Father Joseph Mutie and the Deputy Director for Programmes Irene Kizito. Ms Kizito outlining the IRCK’s structure explained that the organization is made up of nine different religious coordinating bodies that coordinate the work of the three major communities of faith in Kenya – Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Father Mutie added that “there were many similarities between the work of ICRC and of IRCK, though with differing mandates and modes of working” and appreciated the ICRC mandate and operations in the country and globally.

He further noted several issues of potential common interest, such as support to vulnerable people in crisis, with the faith communities carrying on where ICRC interventions end, and issues of socio-economic vulnerabilities leading to youth violence. Areas of follow up were then discussed, including a proposal for an open day to be hosted by the IRCK team to further identify areas of collaboration between the two organizations, and it was noted that the IRCK can be a key source of advice on humanitarian issues and a valuable partner to the ICRC at operational and advocacy level.