Two years ago, a dedicated humanitarian was tragically killed in southern Yemen while working for the ICRC. His name was Hussein Saleh, born in Abyan, and in charge of the organization’s networking efforts in southern Yemen. “I met Mr. Saleh a few months before his untimely death and as soon as I did, knew that I wanted to make a film about him”, said Simon Schorno director of the film “I know where I am going” and ICRC staff member. “His work was crucial to our humanitarian efforts in a most volatile region, and his modesty and humanity were exceptional. The Film “I Know Where I’m Going” is the result of a very special encounter with a very special man. Mr. Saleh’s untimely passing was a loss not only for his family, but also for the ICRC. I miss Hussein Saleh, but I am glad that we have this document, which I hope reflects the values he so impeccably embodied and the beautiful, sad and inspiring story he shared with us back in 2012″.