Kyiv (ICRC)  The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) opens the application period for all interested and capable residents, who have or could potentially have business initiative, in the town of Avdiivka and the village of Olexandropil, Yasinovatsky district, Donetsk region.

The grants are up to UAH 50,000.

“We are ready to support business ideas that will bring a stable income and address the needs of the market. Those could be any ideas that a household can turn into a profitable activity and carry out independently,” says Alan Colja, head of the ICRC’s economic security program.

The grants are designed for people whose economic situation has been affected by the conflict. The main criteria are:

  1. that a person(s) has\have been affected by the conflict,
  2. that a person(s) is\are or will be doing business in Avdiivka or Olexandropil,
  3. the relevance and feasibility of their business idea,
  4. the commitment of person(s) to contribute to the development and implementation of the business upon receiving the grant,
  5. the motivation, experience, and skills are also considered.

Based on the applications received, the ICRC will pre-select participants who will be invited to the workshops on creating business projects. The decision on the provision of the grants will be based on the plans prepared during the workshops. The first criteria will be the sustainability of a business idea.

The application period for residents of Avdiivka and Olexandropil is open till November 8. The application form can be obtained by contacting the ICRC. More information about the conditions of the program could be received by a call on the hotline of the office of the ICRC in Sloviansk: 0800 300 115.

The ICRC opens its business initiatives program several times a year in various settlements near the contact line. We are encouraging residents to follow our announcements on both the ICRC social media as well as the media in Ukraine.

“This program aims at enabling people to see opportunities and create ideas based on their real needs. Thus, they not only receive humanitarian aid but also, to a certain extent determine what it should be,” says Alan Colja.

For example, Irina Kauka, a seamstress from Novomikhailivka, Maryinsky district, Donetsk region was able to expand the range of her services after receiving the ICRC grant. The woman moved to the village at the beginning of the conflict, after her company in Donetsk, where she’d worked for about 20 years, had closed.

“I bought a sewing machine for light and medium-weight fabrics, an ironing desk and a sewing machine for fur and leather. Most importantly, I bought an embroidery machine. I’d dreamed about it for a long time. After I got the new machines, I was able to expand the customer base,” says Irina.

This year, 344 entrepreneurs in Donbas have already received funds from the ICRC for their projects.


Media representatives can download video stories (link to be included) about the program participants who have already received grants and invested them in their business. The videos, including the story of Irina mentioned in the press release, are available for publication.

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