During aid distributions and at the crossing points, our teams often meet children. As children also live in the conflict zone, they are not only physically subject to risks of hostilities in populated areas, mines and unexploded ordnance or long wait in the queues at crossing points just like adults. The stress of their environment and emotions, such as when hiding from shelling, affect their mental wellbeing, as they are like a sponge.

The children in the conflict zone need safe childhood, safe access to education, and to be able to safely run around and play in the yard without fear of shelling and hidden mines.

On top of our ongoing help to children through mine risk education, distributing school kits, improving conditions and equipping shelters/safe spots in schools near the contact line, we made colouring books especially for them, to keep them entertained at our heating/cooling points at the crossing points. The scenes on its pages depict various activities of the International Committee of the Red Cross: delivering aid, informing about the mine risk, rehabilitating houses and ensuring water supply…

We are happy to share the colouring book in an electronic version with the wider public. Are you looking for a fun activity for your offspring? Download the pages; print them out and let your children give it a try.


Download the colouring book in PDF