The King Prajadipok’s Institute in Bangkok in collaboration with the Institute of Buddhist Management for Happiness and Peace Foundation (IBHAP Foundation) and the ICRC organised a course on “Conflict, Violence and Humanitarian Work” for Thai leaders from business, police, military, religious organisations and academia. The course discussed aspects of humanitarian work in armed conflict situations, as well as its legal basis in IHL, and gave participants an insight into some of the challenges involved in working in armed conflict situations to provide humanitarian aid. It also discussed how humanitarian actors should reach out to government, religious and other non-state actors, including civil society, in order to encourage adherence to common humanitarian norms.

Andrew Bartles-Smith, ICRC Regional Manager for Humanitarian Affairs, presented the ICRC’s work with religious circles. He discussed how engaging with -and learning from- religious actors and religious teachings can greatly facilitate humanitarian action, as well as stimulate research and debate on how to better alleviate suffering during armed conflict. Please see his video presentation below.